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LV Dance Collectiveʼs Digital Season


Premiered in August, 2020


Video filmed by Josephine Leily, Martha L. Z. Pamintuan, Eva Rodriguez, & Gonzy Zorrilla

Videos Edited by Martha L. Z. Pamintuan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LVDC had to cancel their 6th home season concert and postpone it until further notice. Nevertheless, this did not stop LVDC from sharing art. Although, COVID-19 put a stop to their in person 2020 production and also altered their way of creating dance work. The "silver lining" is that it transpired their 1st digital dance performance. 


During times of uncertainty, the human body is effected with trauma and anxiety. The arts help transform the body in ways that reduces stress, depression, and mental health. With this in mind, LVDC wanted to create “Dance Is Love” to restore the human spirit and bring some healing into the world during this unique and critical period of our lives. 


PT. 1 Choreography by Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh

PT. 2 Choreography by Martha L. Z. Pamintuan

PT. 3 Choreography by Kao Vey Sebastian Saephanh and Martha L. Z. Pamintuan

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