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Choreography Opportunity!

LV Dance Collective’s “Luminate Visionary” Choreography Award, grants inspiring beginner/mid-career choreographer an opportunity to build their resume and further advance their choreographic vision. Winner is based on two criteria: 

  1. Letter-of-Intent needs to “Luminate” an unique choreographic voice.

  2. Choreography submission needs to display “Visionary” creatively.




One artist, or artists if collaborating, will be Awarded a Guest Artist slot in LV Dance Collective’s 5th Home Season Program. 

  • Artist will be granted the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting at The Dance Mission Theater on the weekend of August 2nd-4th, 2019 (Tech August 1st, Time TBA). 

  • Artist will receive a professional video recording of their live performance.

  • Artist will receive professional photos of their performance.

  • Artist will receive professional guidance from LVDC’s Artistic Directors (One showing will be assigned (Date TBA), where both directors will provide honest and reliable feedback to help the artist to advance their choreographic work).




Email required documents listed below to Deadline: 11:59pm on June 7th, 2019. Winner will be notified through email June 10th, 2019.

  • Letter-of Intent: Not to exceed one page description of your choreographic proposal that highlights “Luminate” and also includes your movements style, music (live or recording), number of dancers, collaborators, etc). 

  • Video Link: 2 mins of your latest work. Do not forget to list title of the work and the start time of the video if the video is not edited down to 2 mins.

  • Optional: Choreography Resume and Headshot




Awardee of LVDC’s “Luminate Visionary” Choreography Award MUST agree to the following:

  • MUST create and present 5-7 minutes of choreography by July 31st, 2019 to perform in the concert (work must not exceed 7 minutes and must be complete). Work can be expressed as a work-in-progress however, the work-in-progress performance is required to be professional/clear and clean in order to be accepted and presented. LVDC’s directors will determine if the piece is acceptable for the show once the work is reviewed.

  • Selected Choreographer is obligated to sell a minimum of 25 tickets of the performance. If the artist does not accomplish this arrangement, in order to receive a professional video and photos of their work, the artist is required to pay a fee of $100.

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